In a very personal and revealing speech, Bill Clinton nailed the crux of the issue with Hillary: there’s the false GOP/media creation and then there’s the real human being, a person of integrity, kindness and compassion.

Watch former President Clinton speak about future President Clinton:

As I’ve said repeatedly, the polls about Hillary’s honesty reference Hillary the caricature. People who say they dislike and distrust her are talking about the artificial creation, fabricated in conservative think tanks, funded by rightwing billionaires, and disseminated with ruthless efficiency by the corporate media.

Conversely, the most accomplished and respected people on earth wholeheartedly endorse Hillary, the person of integrity and character. President Obama, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, John Lewis, Elizabeth Warren, Dolores Huerta, and so many more.

Michelle Obama’s brilliant convention speech was one of the best of the entire 2016 campaign. In that speech, she said she trusted Hillary to safeguard her daughters. There is no greater endorsement than that from a mother.

Character versus caricature.

Chris Hayes speaks to the disparity between the two:

Like so many who have worked with Hillary, I have staked my personal reputation on her integrity because I know the person of character, and I reject the grotesque caricature.

Thankfully, millions of Americans see through the negative frames, the destructive narratives, and stand with her. They see her true character and they are passionate about her candidacy and dedicated to her — albeit ignored and marginalized by the pundits.

In the coming months, we should stay focused on the Hillary we see with our own eyes and not the Hillary presented through the distorted prism of the GOP and media. Let’s stay focused on the person who has spent her life helping others, despite being subjected to vicious, unending attacks.

That’s the Hillary who just shattered a 227-year barrier.