No, Donald Trump is not the champion of the “little guy.” He made his money by scheming and scamming people, from Trump U. to the Taj Mahal.

My colleague Melissa McEwan writes:

Donald’s own much-touted history as a businessman shows he did not deliver jobs, nor safety, nor protection to “those in need.” To the complete contrary, he spent decades refusing to pay people for their work; violating the Fair Housing Act by having employees mark “the applications of prospective minority tenants with racial codes–such as ‘No. 9’ or ‘C’ for ‘colored’ applicants; and orchestrating a campaign of harassment against tenants of a rent-stabilized building he’d purchased for the purpose of tearing it down and erecting luxury condos in its place.

In that context, this Hillary video is a devastating cautionary tale for anyone who thinks Donald is in it for anyone but himself: