Would you just look at that? Texas Republicans ate a bowl of stupid for breakfast…again.

The Texas Republican Party voted overwhelmingly in favor of  “reparative therapy” aka conversion therapy, a horrid practice those “liberal hellholes of debauchery and godlessness” states, New Jersey and California, have banned. Texas once again has shown us that “pray the gay away” is alive and well.

Remember: in the Lone Star State, it’s okay to hate someone different than you because that’s how God created this country, with white straight men on top and everyone else, well, not.

After spending twenty minutes or so slamming my head into a table, I looked up a couple of things just to remind myself why I do this.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, reparative therapy increases the chance that an LGBT person will attempt suicide and increases chances of depression or other self-harmful activities. Nearly every mental health association (with the exception of those run by right-wing nut jobs) say that it is impossible to change one’s sexual orientation. So why do these gun-toting crazies in Texas think that conversion therapy works? Because their pastors told them so. Or maybe they all watched this ass hat explain his theory on gays and how they can be “cured.”

Seriously Texas, get a grip on reality and stop being a bunch of self-righteous bigots. I mean it. Just stop.