Well you should because our “friends” over there have delivered yet another delicious hate piece on President Obama. Don’t be shocked. This is normal for these Obama-hater sites. They’re right up there with newsbusters.org, which was founded by a guy named Brent Bozell who once called the President a “skinny, ghetto crackhead.”

They’ve actually drafted a sort of “primer” on why Obama should never get credit for anything that goes right in the world and always be blamed for anything that goes wrong. Case in point: the Dow Jones is at an all time high but that doesn’t stop the right wing from saying it has nothing to do with the President and his policies. Don’t be shocked by the fact that Wall Street is doing its best ever while the rest of the country is sucking wind like some asthmatic in Beijing on a cloudy day. And this despite passing legislation to reform Wall Street that did virtually nothing to reform Wall Street.

And this just came in: April unemployment dropped to 6.3% by adding nearly 300,000 jobs to the payrolls. I guess ijreview.com will pimp out another piece today telling us it’s Obama’s fault we didn’t add 500,000 jobs. No good news is ever going to be good enough while Barack Obama is in the White House.

I love how the ijreview.com writer taunts us to “delve into details.” So why don’t we do that. We’ll start with this one:

  • U.S. GDP Grew A Glacial 0.1% In The First Quarter 2014. “The Bureau of Economic Analysis’ advance estimate of first quarter 2014 real gross domestic product shows output produced in the U.S. grew at a glacial 0.1% rate. … Economists were anticipating growth around 1.1%.” Then the White House blamed – the weather. (Forbes, April 30)

Ok, so let’s discuss that weather. The worst winter basically in American history had an effect on the economy. If temperatures ranging from zero-twenty degrees in Virginia (not a New England state btw) most of February didn’t deter homebuilders then I’m not sure what would. So yeah, any rational economist will tell you that but hey, screw facts.

This one is my favorite though:

  • U.S. Homeownership Rate Falls to the Lowest Since 1995. This is despite the fact that interest rates are currently less than half of what they were in1995. We’re sitting at the lowest rate in nineteen years, and it’s certainly not because things are going swimmingly for everybody. (Bloomberg, April 29)

Ya don’t say. I wonder why that is. Maybe it’s because the pond scummers like Bank of America (which swallowed Countrywide) and Wells Fargo (which swallowed Wachovia) and the rest of those vultures engaged in massive predatory lending.  Maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation if we hadn’t bailed those bastards out and left the “homeowners” to fend for themselves. I just love how conservatives couple low interest rates with low home ownership and then blame Obama for it. (Dirty little secret right wingers: the Federal Reserve controls interest rates and you hate the Federal Reserve…so shut your cake holes).

When does this kind of bullshit stop really? And for that matter, who reads sites like ijreview.com and their ilk (see image above)?

It’s sad enough that President Obama had to inherit that stinking burning bag of crap called the Bush recession and try to turn it around despite the GOP’s every effort to screw him. It’s even worse that most Americans think the TARP program is an Obama program when in reality it was passed when Bush was President.

So to our friends over at ijreview.com, thank you. Thank you for yet another piece of journalistic fecal matter. And please please please keep writing. You’re providing me with a butt load of  future journalism.

And to progressives: you need to start telling anyone who’ll listen “Own it Mr. President.” Own what’s good in our country, own Obamacare, own the fight for privacy and marriage equality because if you don’t, the other side isn’t going to do you any favors. They never have and they never will.

Jimmy Williams is the Executive Editor of bluenationreview.com and can be found regularly calling out hypocritical Republicans on twitter @jimmyspolitics