The yearlong barrage against Hillary’s character by her political and media detractors is reaping scary dividends. With nowhere left to channel their unending and toxic stream of invective, her haters have stooped to calling for her imprisonment — and much worse.

We’ve reached peak Hillary Hate:

This follows West Virginia Republican Michael Folk’s suggestion that Hillary be “hung on the Mall in Washington.”

The Washington Post recently scrubbed a headline saying Hillary was “in the crosshairs.”

An ABC affiliate subtitled a video: “GOP Co-Chair Sharon Day slaughters Hillary Clinton at Republican National Convention.”

This is a gravely serious situation. Our national media have eagerly mainstreamed the hatred of Hillary to a point where a good portion of the U.S. population wants nothing more than her total destruction.

Following is an email that was sent from Hillary’s campaign during the Republican convention — it is heartbreaking and infuriating that she would have to do this:

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey (and a possible attorney general if Trump wins), stood on stage and accused Hillary of being a criminal, bellowing “GUILTY” over and over again as the crowd egged him on. He had the entire arena chanting “lock her up” — a cry that has become the mantra of the RNC. If you closed your eyes, you could imagine it being a lot like a witch trial — they were barely one step removed from screaming “burn her at the stake.” It felt like a dark turning point in American politics — a sign that our nation is on the brink of something dangerous that we might not recover from.

Shame on Hillary’s detractors, who can’t defeat her at the ballot box so will resort to verbal abuse and violent rhetoric. It is a hideous spectacle.

And we will defend her against these monstrous political attacks with every fiber of our being.

Here’s chilling context:

(Updated 8/4/16)