Another day, another iteration of the demonstrably false narrative that Hillary faces an enthusiasm gap.

This morning on CNN, the Daily Beast’s Sally Kohn said that Bernie Sanders supporters have more enthusiasm for their candidate. Despite the fact that this is a demonstrably false narrative, host Don Lemon did not push back at all on the erroneous assertion.

[Transcript provided at end of post for readers who cannot listen to audio.]

At BNR, we’ve repeatedly contested the pervasive talking point that Hillary’s supporters are somehow less enthusiastic about their candidate. A Gallup poll found that Hillary supporters say they are more enthusiastic than Bernie supporters by a margin of 10%.

In the primary contests so far, Hillary leads by more than 2.5 million votes.

These are incontrovertible facts that completely undercut the fabricated “enthusiasm gap” frame.

We challenge the media to reject this false narrative once and for all and to treat both Hillary and her supporters with the respect they deserve.


Sally Kohn: Well, look, I think her case to voters is first of all she has a bit of an enthusiasm gap with Bernie Sanders. They both have numbers, but his supporters are more passioned. And I think she’s trying to get the democratic base on her side a little more fired up. And one way to do that undoubtedly is Donald Trump. And the other is, look, I think one of her strongest cases is I have the experience. You know, you can imagine me in the White House. And you can’t imagine Donald Trump. So that contrast plays well to her. It is still too early to count out Senator Sanders, who I think is giving her a real run for her money.