Looks like another judge has ruled that a state’s unconstitutional marriage ban is, well, unconstitutional. It seems that it’s through the court system that marriage equality is going to make its stand. U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb struck down the ban in Wisconsin making it among the 26 other states who have paved the way for marriage equality! We are halfway there! Clerks in Milwaukee and Dane Counties have already started issuing marriage licenses. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, Wisconsin Attorney General is trying to trump federal mandates. He is filing for a halt to be put on marriages. To delay or prevent people marrying the person they love.

Hopefully, these court cases will help those in North Dakota who filed against the state’s marriage ban. Their argument is that it violates equal-protection laws and due-process, which makes sense and is totally a valid legal argument (I am looking at you GOP).

Wisconsin’s leap into the 21st century really wasn’t all that celebrated, which is actually kind of good because marriage equality is equality for everyone. What we should be doing is raising holy hell that it isn’t happening faster. In 20 years the GOP (if they are still around) is going to be ashamed for opposing it, although they should be ashamed now.