So when’s the GOP going to start these Benghazi hearings? I for one welcome this farcical parade of rightwing attack dogs, loosed from their kennels after having been starved for days. To be clear, I’m of the opinion they won’t find anything new nor find anything that implicates former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But the Congress has the right, no the duty, to exercise oversight of the Executive branch of government. I’ll always support their right to do that but it doesn’t mean I won’t sit blindly by while they a) try to crap all over Clinton in an effort to make her “unelectable” and b) pull some weird-assed accelerated Wile E. Coyote race to impeach President Obama.

The Democrats have a problem of their own. They’ve spent a few weeks dithering themselves into a frenzy over whether or not to name some of their own to the Committee. I wrote about this earlier and I still stand by my original assumption: name members, attack every witness, defend Clinton when she needs defending, and most importantly show up to do their jobs.

Democrats should be under no assumptions that the GOP is ever going to drop this line of bullshit. They won’t. They  won’t cease and desist until after the elections and frankly, they very well may just keep going into 2015. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t actively participate in their blind efforts to blow themselves up politically. Indeed, we should help them. Let them as a party pour the gas on themselves and yes, our side should  throw the match and watch.

We have history on our side in this fight. They did this the entire eight years of the Clinton presidency, spent millions of dollars and found out one thing: President Clinton got a blow job. My friends, that wasn’t breaking news frankly considering his past behavior. I dare say, there was gambling going on in that establishment but by God, they were going to do whatever it took to drive Clinton from office.

They failed by the way and today he’s the most popular living politician in America. Warning to the GOP: be careful or you just might accidentally make Hillary Clinton a saint.

Oh the irony.

Jimmy Williams is the Executive Editor of and can be found regularly calling out hypocritical Republicans on twitter @jimmyspolitics