Let’s just have an honest conversation about what Snapchat really and truly is used for ok? If you’re a teenage boy and you want to send a pic of your penis to your “friend,” you use Snapchat. If you’re a 17-year old girl and you want to send a pic of your “vajayjay” to your boyfriend, you use Snapchat.

No one else actually uses Snapchat for any other reason. Seriously parents, don’t delude yourselves.

Now to be clear, I don’t use Snapchat. A) I’m not 16 years old and B) I don’t need to take pictures of my “junk” that only last 8 seconds. Hell, at my age I need pictures of my “johnson” to last longer than that for God’s sake.

But that’s what’s so great about Snapchat: you take a picture and then it disappears forever and no one can forward your “private” conversation and pictures to anyone else. All images just magically disappear into thin air, never to be heard from again.

Well, until now apparently. It turns out you actually can save images. It turns out Snapchat was being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission and just last Thursday, the online company settled with the FTC. It turns out that images were stored on the recipients’ device¬†without their knowledge. Yep, millions of teenagers were walking around with secret, unencrypted boob pictures on their phones. But wait, it gets worse. Snapchat collected names, emails and phone numbers from the recipients’ devices. In essence, Snapchat stole information from your contacts list. Nice huh?

I guess this leads me to this: If all of this data went through Snapchat servers, did they store any of it and if so, do they realize they now house the largest collection of underage pornography in the entire world? Hell, for that matter every kid that received a dick picture that was stored on their phone is a party to this? Just wait until the Department of Justice comes knocking on your 11th grade classroom door to arrest you for a sting operation for online kiddy porn.

Privacy is one of the top issues for today’s teenagers right? But here’s the straight talk folks: if you send someone a picture of your private parts, they’re never going to be private again. Ever. I mean it. And Snapchat just proved it.

H/T Hackread

Jimmy Williams is the Executive Editor of bluenationreview.com and can be found regularly calling out hypocritical Republicans on twitter @jimmyspolitics