Here’s a safe prediction: Hillary will be the Democratic nominee. Bernie will support her. They will appear together on stage in a show of unity. President Obama will do the same. So will Elizabeth Warren. And Donald Trump will realize what he’s up against.

I’ve worked on two vigorously contested Democratic presidential campaigns and I’ve seen rancor and animosity morph into solidarity and unity. It will happen in 2016.

I like what Bernie Sanders stands for. I share his progressive values. I know Hillary holds the same values. I know it because I heard it from her personally during the years I worked for her. I know it because I’ve learned to ignore the media filter and listen to Hillary’s actual words. I know it because I’ve seen how she’s fought for those progressive values over a lifetime of public service.

I’ve forcefully rejected Bernie’s character insinuations against Hillary. And because of that, because of my unabashed support for Hillary, because of my vocal defense of her character, I, like so many others, have been labeled a shill and a sellout.

I don’t care. I know I’m doing the right thing by defending the integrity of someone I’ve known for a decade, someone I admire and deeply respect. I’ll continue to stand up for her in the weeks and months to come.

I know I’ll look back one day and speak proudly of fighting alongside millions of other Americans to break the ultimate gender barrier.

Yes, it’s been a tough primary season, and it’s not over yet. But the end is near. Unity is not far. Already, Hillary and Elizabeth Warren are tag teaming Trump.

Although there will be more angry words spoken in the Democratic primary, and more bruised feelings, we will soon see what many can’t yet envision: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, hand in hand, walking on stage and blasting the GOP.

Trump won’t know what hit him.