Ted Cruz, immune to irony and impervious to cognitive dissonance, announced during an appearance in Iowa on Monday that he will be even harsher on immigrants than Donald J. Trump, who currently holds the coveted title of “The Worst” on the issue.

It might seem impossible for Cruz to one-up a man who called for mass deportations and a giant wall at the Mexican border. But like the rebels circling the Death Star, Cruz found a small opening: Trump would allow undocumented immigrants to return to the country legally.

“He’s advocated allowing folks to come back in and become citizens,” Cruz said. “I oppose that.”

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Cruz, who was born in Canada and whose father was born in Cuba, touted his 11-page immigration proposal and said that Rep. Steve King of Iowa helped him design it.

Steve King (not to be confused with horror author Stephen King) is famous for saying Latino immigrants have “calves the size of cantaloupes” from hauling marijuana across the border. Draw your own conclusions as to what his counsel on immigration policy might look like.

Cruz coupled his immigration proposal with the release of his first television ad. Titled “Invasion,” the video is a hilariously overwrought depiction of mostly white actors in business suits and sensible pumps crossing the Rio Grande. Because that’s what’s happening down there.

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Donald Trump might be awful on the issue of immigration, but Cruz is the definition of a hypocrite for this. Determining to out-Trump Donald Trump should not be anyone’s New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, both of them are currently leading the pack of Republican presidential candidates.

Which means we can probably expect more hyperbolic rhetoric and crazy political ads like this one in the near future.

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