UPDATE: Mayor Earl Hubbard has hired a new police chief ahead of the Council’s ability to act on yesterday’s vote to diminish his power. On Friday at 11 AM, the vote will be certified, changing the town’s government structure from Strong Mayor to Strong Council, at which point the Council will assume all hiring and firing capacity.

The Council has already indicated their intent to hire former police chief Crystal Moore back to the position that was stripped from her because she is gay by Mayor Earl Hubbard.


Originally posted June 24, 2014 at 10:47 pm:

This past April, the bigoted, tiny-dicked little Mayor of Latta, South Carolina fired a woman from her job. Her offense? She was the openly-gay police chief of this tiny little hamlet of 1400 people, nestled in what’s known at the Pee Dee region of the Palmetto state.

He didn’t fire her because she couldn’t fire a weapon or couldn’t run her department.

He fired her because she is gay.

“He” is  Earl Hubbard Jr., the bloviated asshat who said:

“I would much rather have, and I’ll say this to anybody’s face, I would much rather have somebody who drank–and drank too much–taking care of my child than I had somebody who lifestyle is questionable around children. Because that ain’t the damn way it’s supposed to be…I’m not going to let two women stand up there and hold hands and let my child be aware of it. And I’m not going to see them do it with two men neither.

Now when Mayor Blubbard was asked if he fired Moore because she was a lesbian, he denied it and that’s just sad on so many levels.

That was April, but today, South Carolina had off year elections and something great happened to Crystal Moore. She got her job back.

Sheriff Crystal MooreCrystal wasn’t on the ballot tonight. Instead, the form of local government for Latta was up for a vote. South Carolina town governments either have a strong mayor with a weak town council or a strong council. Today, Hubbard has the power. But as early as this Friday, Latta’s modern day George Wallace will have virtually no power to do anything other than say stupid shit in public which apparently he’s very good at.

I asked Moore what these last three months have been like for her and her family and she told me this has been the “most stressful” period in her life. Like many Americans, she was without a job for a while. But unlike most Americans, she lost her job because she is gay, not because of the economy.

What we do know is Crystal Moore owes nearly $13,000 in attorney’s fees. When I talked to her tonight after the polls closed, Moore told me “I’m ready to go back to work and hope [Bullard] can put his differences behind us and move on.” That’s the resilience of this woman, of this sheriff, of this South Carolinian.

So next time you’re driving south on I-95 and you pass that beauty of a national treasure known as South of the Border, look for the signs for Latta. Take that exit and go into “town” and ask for Crystal Moore.

And thank her for not only doing her job but for doing it because she loves her community and her home and the people who just voted to give her back her job. It’s the least you can do.

H/T Traci Bridges