UPDATE: Hillary Clinton has won the New York primary, bringing her one (big) step closer to history.

Exit polls in New York tell us everything we need to know. The “enthusiasm gap” is a myth, a media creation. It is long past time to give Hillary her due for firing up voters and creating an energized, motivated and winning coalition. 

When Hillary loses a primary, the media obsess over exit polling that appears detrimental to her, cherry-picking numbers that serve narratives about her supposed untrustworthiness, or low enthusiasm among her supporters.

In New York, AP exit polling has found that “two-thirds of Democratic voters say the contest between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has been energizing for the party.” NBC exit polling has found that “72% of NY Dems say Clinton energized the party” while “64% say Sanders did.”

In a primary in which a significant majority of voters say that the contest has energized the party, Hillary is named as the more energizing candidate by a difference of 8 points.

That runs directly counter to the persistent narrative that Hillary’s supporters are not enthusiastic about her.

We challenge the media to report these very positive and mythbusting numbers with the same fervor that they have reported negative and myth-serving numbers—and be fair to Hillary tonight, at long last.


[Peter Daou contributed to this article]