Motivator in Chief Sends Corsage but Can't Attend Prom

Motivator in Chief Sends Corsage but Can’t Attend Prom

Vice President Joe Biden is no stranger to random acts of kindness. After the government shutdown last year, the Veep showed up at the Environmental Protection Agency with muffins on their first day back.  The press pool even reported that Vice President Biden worried aloud: “I didn’t bring enough muffins!”

Now the Motivator-in-Chief has done it again. After a polite invitation to Talia Maselli’s senior prom in Newington, Connecticut, she even sweetened the deal with a sly threat saying she would take House Speaker John Boehner if JB declined. Instead, the Hartford Courant reports Ms. Maselli received a reply complete with a corsage:

Joe Biden Prom Corsage

Then Vice President Biden tweeted:

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