My Friend Got Schock-Blocked By GOP Rep. Aaron Schock

My Friend Got Schock-Blocked By GOP Rep. Aaron Schock

Woah. My friend Asher is one of the cutest gay guys in Washington, DC.  In fact, he is not only cute but incredibly funny and intelligent and SINGLE.

One would think that as a follower of Rep. Aaron Schock’s super sexy homoerotic Instagram account, Asher would be one of the first people Rep. Schock would call up for a date night in DuPont Circle, but sadly no.

Today Asher’s comment on Schock’s Instagram was pictured in a NYTimes piece about Schock’s Instagram popularity.  Here’s his comment seen in the screen cap:


The article was merely talking about the popularity of GOP Rep. Aaron Schock’s Instagram account, but poor Asher was given the shaft.  And not in a good way. In fact, he was SchockBlock’d from seeing photos anymore.  People on twitter are now advocating for Asher’s release directly to the Congressman himself. You can join in the fun by tweeting to  too.