Take a look at these news stories from just a few days:*

Student has brought a gun to schoolMANCHESTER, N.H. – Police said a city teen accidentally shot himself in the foot Thursday morning during an argument with another person in the area of 499 Belmont St.

RICHMOND, Va. – The person who shot a 23-month-old girl in Richmond’s Hillside Court neighborhood on Sunday night, June 1, surrendered himself to police.… This shooting was accidental, according to the suspect. He told police he was playing with the gun when it discharged.

SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, Penn. – A shooting in the 400 block of Alden Street late Wednesday night was the result of a man accidentally firing a handgun into his brother’s leg, police said.

baby with a gunSAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – A man cleaning his gun accidentally shot a woman Wednesday evening, police said.

SHREVEPORT, La. – A Texarkana, Texas high school senior is recovering in Shreveport from a gunshot wound to his face after a tragic accident earlier this month.

ROOSEVELT, Utah – A man was injured early Wednesday morning when a gun discharged during a domestic dispute, investigators said.

People get shot a lot in America, and it isn’t always criminals doing the shooting. There are countless stories, stories every day, of people shooting themselves, their neighbors, their friends, and their children, by accident. They’re often “playing” with their guns. Or “cleaning” them when they go off accidentally. These are the law-abiding gun owners, the responsible ones. Sometimes these people are killed, and sometimes they’re just injured, like in the examples cited above.

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But if one Georgia company is successful, accidental shootings that injure people may become a thing of the past. That’s because if people start using their bullets, pretty much every person who gets shot will die.

G2 Research’s “Radically Invasive Projectile” (RIP, get it? — because shooting people to death is hilarious) is a copper bullet that explodes when it hits a target (i.e., a human being) sending pieces screaming through vital organs and clearing a path for the bullet’s core to travel deeper through a person.

This multiplies the damage a bullet can do considerably, and is certain to turn what might otherwise be minor injuries into major ones, and major injuries into deaths.

And this is the bullet’s selling point.

bullet lemon

Even if you support gun ownership, which most Americans do, it’s time to admit there is something very sick and wrong with our gun culture in this country. The people conducting “open carry” protests at restaurants and stores around the country don’t have pistols attached to their hips; they are carrying assault weapons almost as big as they are. Soon they’ll be able to buy these bullets that tear people apart from the inside.

What kind of fear motivates you that you need to surround yourself constantly with the killing power of a small nation’s military? Whom do you think you’re making safer by toting this stuff around? The number of people shot accidentally by so-called responsible, law-abiding gun owners in this country is astounding. The deadlier we make our guns and our bullets, the more often those shootings will turn into irreversible tragedies.

There is literally no reason for these bullets to exist. Guns are deadly enough as it is.

H/T: NH Union Leader, WTVR, PennLive, The Sun, KLTV, KSL, Rare

*All of these stories courtesy David Waldman, who tweets a running tally of accidental shootings.

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