Well, it looks like some of our friends out on the Plains (great, now I have the voice of that little guy from Fantasy Island in my head)

have found cocaine, that favorite drug of the 1980’s and Studio 54! And what makes it better, he’s one of those sanctimonious Republicans.

Indeed, Oklahoma authorities arrested lobbyist Chad Alexander on possession of three grams of cocaine and various pills while he was driving his Mercedes Benz and claiming to be law enforcement. Must be lucrative to be an Oklahoma lobbyist these days. This my friends is the same ass cactus who, as chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, once said

“How can the Oklahoma Democrat Party continue to claim that they’re conservatives, while at the same time hosting conventions that promote the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender agenda?”

Well Chad, as a “radical” homosexual, I’m going to give you some advice: enjoy prison because if you’re convicted, not only do you get to “experience” prison fun but you also lose your right to vote.

Frankly, what’s sad  about all of this is this guy is a single father of two children. He has now checked himself into a treatment facility in Texas. That’s the good news. The better news is he’s resigned his position with the not-so-benign super PAC called “Oklahomans for a Conservative Future,” which has ties to Senate candidate TW Shannon. I wonder how Mr. Shannon feels about Mr. Alexander now? Watch the distancing begin folks.

H/T koco.com

Jimmy Williams is the Executive Editor of bluenationreview.com and can be found regularly calling out hypocritical Republicans on twitter @jimmyspolitics