The Texas GOP’s endorsement of so-called reparative therapy is sickening to say the least. In my opinion, they are acting like a bunch of 15 year old bullies trying to back up their bigotry with pseudoscientific claims about something they know nothing about. Luckily for us, Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has expressed that she will support and sign a bill that would ban the “therapy” for minors in Texas. Her GOP opponent, AG Greg Abbott, refused to answer a question on the subject. This prevents the main goal of the Texas GOP: allowing homophobic parents to put their kids into programs trying to “cure” them. If you actually look at the methods of reparative therapy camps, none of the “treatments” are science based in any way. Some of them include self-harming while masturbating, electric shock to the genitals, and often shaming for feeling attraction to the same gender.

Anderson Cooper took on a Texas GOP Representative Bryan Hughes earlier this week about the Texas GOP’s controversial platform vote. Cooper was able to point out the hypocrisy of this state representative who said that there is medical evidence on both sides (which there isn’t) and that they had heard both sides of the argument (which they didn’t). In fact, many LGBT groups were banned from the convention. Hughes tried to backtrack so much I’m surprised he wasn’t talking in reverse. He tried to say that they put this language in their platform so people would have a choice to go to this type of therapy. What crap. They should just say they don’t like gay people and at least be honest about it.