Hobby Lobby ProtestIn 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corporations are people. Today, the court just upped the ante: it ruled that Hobby Lobby, a family-owned craft store, is not only a person but also a person with religious beliefs. While they were at it, the court also decided this newly created religious-corporate-monster-person has the constitutional right to practice medicine – specifically, obstetrics and gynecology – without a license. And the best part is that the rights of this fake religious-corporate-monster-person-doctor supersede the privacy and medical needs of that old definition of a person. You know, a human being.

Remember when people used to be people? #Nostalgia.

So brace yourselves, folks: every corporate HQ in America was just handed a medical degree and a religious status. What’s next? Every corporation run by a religious zealot or a bigot can deny coverage for any medical practice they claim is morally objectionable?

Or maybe Hobby Lobby and their corporate friends will claim that – because the Supreme Court has granted them the power to force their employees to practice their religion – they now qualify for non-profit status, like churches, and not pay taxes.

So thanks to the Supreme Court, we have now given corporations the right to practice medicine and religion without a license. In other words, the new legal definition of when life begins is at incorporation and without access to Plan B.