Well, except USNews.com‘s David Catanese.

It seems New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did know about those pesky little bridge lane closures. And here’s the bombshell: he knew the day before he gave that marathon of a press conference.

In essence, Governor Christie didn’t tell the truth on January 9, 2014. Where I’m from, that’s called a lie.

His former campaign manager Bill Stepien has directly contradicted what Christie said in that 107-minute presser. Stepien’s lawyer is demanding the Governor and his attorneys retract their accusation that Stepien misled his boss. Don’t hold your breath Mr. Stepien.

So here’s the bottom line: We now have a former high level staffer to Christie accusing the Governor of lying about what he knew and when he knew it.

Folks, mark my words: the dominoes will begin to fall and I’m willing to bet that Bridget Ann Kelly and others will begin the process of throwing more knives into Christie’s backside.

H/T USNews


Jimmy Williams is the Executive Editor of bluenationreview.com and can be found regularly calling out hypocritical Republicans on twitter @jimmyspolitics