Here is a list of people who think you shouldn’t vaccinate your children:

1. Jenny McCarthy

2. Donald Trump

Here is a list of people who think you should vaccinate your children:

1. Your pediatrician.

2. All the other pediatricians.

3. Scientists.


There’s a whooping cough epidemic raging through California right now, and doctors are urging parents to make certain their children’s vaccinations are up to date.

Vaccinations aren’t perfect, which means that the best protection is herd immunity. That’s when virtually the entire population is vaccinated, providing a nearly impenetrable defense against infection. (In his must-read book The Panic Virus, science writer Seth Mnookin points out that a vaccinated person in an unvaccinated population is in more danger of infection than an unvaccinated in a vaccinated population. Herd immunity is critical.)

That means that every parent who chooses not to vaccinate a child puts not only that child at risk but every child in the community at risk. During the last whooping cough epidemic, 10 infants died, a horror no parent should have to live through.

Pertussis isn’t like measles or polio; even fully vaccinating the population probably won’t eradicate the disease. But the more people who forego vaccinating their children because they believe alarmist conspiracy theories, the more children they put in danger.

Here is a list of autism-spectrum disorders not caused by vaccinations.

1. All of them.

Vaccinate your damn kids.