“We don’t need Muslims. We need smart, well-educated white people who will assimilate to our culture. Vote Trump.”

This is the America we’re living in. A white nationalist super PAC is making robocalls in Iowa to stump for Donald Trump, formerly of “The Apprentice” and currently your go-to candidate if you’re ticked about having to share this country with people who don’t look like you.

According to Allegra Kirkland at Talking Points Memo, the robocall was paid for by the American National Super PACand features the voice of Jared Taylor, founder of the white supremacist mag American Renaissance. He also serves as the spokesman for the Council of Conservative Citizens, which was cited in Charleston shooter Dylann Roof’s manifesto before his killing spree last June.

If that weren’t enough, the call also features the head of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, William Johnson, who identified himself only as “a farmer and a white nationalist” in the call.

Here’s the message in full:

“The American National Super PAC makes this call to support Donald Trump.

‘My name is Reverend Ronald Tan, host of the Christian radio talk show program For God and Country. First Corinthians states: God chose the foolish things of this world to shame the wise and God chose the weak things of this world to shame the strong. For the Iowa caucuses, please support Donald Trump. He is courageous and he speaks his mind. God Bless.’

‘I’m Jared Taylor with American Renaissance. I urge you to vote for Donald Trump because he is the one candidate who points out that we should accept immigrants who are good for America. We don’t need Muslims. We need smart, well-educated white people who will assimilate to our culture. Vote Trump.’

‘I am William Johnson, a farmer and a white nationalist. Support Donald Trump. I paid for this through the super PAC. [Telephone] (213) 718-3908. This call is not authorized by Donald Trump.'”

This is peak Trumpception: Donald Trump has conned radical rightwing conservatives into believing he is one of them and they in turn are conning fellow citizens into supporting him.

Racism and xenophobia are the glue that holds them all together. If it weren’t for that, Trump would have virtually nothing in common with a poor, uneducated white conservative.

Trump is a businessman. He knows that if he plugs in the right kind of rhetoric and if he delivers it with sufficient bombast then it will inspire these people. Trump is merely exploiting the pre-existing anxieties of poor and rural white Americans by using words he knows will elicit a response.

As to whether it can carry him all the way to the White House, that remains to be seen.

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