As of this writing, there are 100 days left until Election Day 2016. The big news story: Donald insults Gold Star parents. It is a jaw-dropping turn of events, and further evidence that the GOP nominee is a menace to America.

There are two possible explanations for why Donald Trump would demean the Muslim family of a son who gave his life for America:

  1. He lacks the self-control not to attack them.
  2. He wants to do it.

Both reasons are chilling.

Donald has already disqualified himself for the presidency numerous times, most recently by calling on Russia to conduct espionage against the U.S. government.

But something about his blithe disregard for the Khan family touches a deep nerve among Americans of all political stripes.

It started with this jaw-dropping moment at the Democratic convention:

It has since escalated to the GOP nominee insulting Gold Star parents, something unheard of in modern American politics.

The only saving grace in this shameful episode is the courage and dignity of the Khans, on full display here:

(AP Photo)