[UPDATE: This post has been revived from the archives after Cruz’s 2016 Iowa victory.]

Here are some of his wackier statements:

1.“The moon might be as intimidating as Obamacare.”
Ted Cruz Moon

2.“I will credit my father, he invented … green eggs and ham. He did it two ways. The easy way was he would put green food coloring in … But if you take spinach and mix it into the eggs, the eggs turn green … I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I am.”

Ted Cruz Green Eggs Ham


3. “I was bitten by an octopus”
Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.40.35 AM

4.Net Neutrality” is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.”


5.“Twenty years from now if there is some obscure trivial pursuit question, I am confident I will be the answer.”
Ted Cruz Trivialpursuit


 6. “I’ll work with Martians”

7.  “But a Camel’s hair brush is made of squirrel fur, and it makes you wonder the squirrels apparently have a very bad marketing department.”



“We have never had a president who over and over again openly, aggressively defies the law. If he doesn’t like the law, he refuses to enforce it, or he simply proclaims it changed.”


… hmmm sounds like a certain Senator we all know.