Hillary is fighting for every vote and taking nothing for granted. But we are clearly entering the end stage of the Democratic primary process.

According to AP:

Hillary Clinton can’t win enough delegates on Tuesday to officially knock Bernie Sanders out of the presidential race, but she can erase any lingering honest doubts about whether she’ll soon be the Democratic nominee. … it appears Clinton could do well enough Tuesday to end the night with 90 percent of the delegates needed to win the nomination, leaving her just 200 or so shy.

Those are the facts.

It is time for Bernie Sanders, his campaign, surrogates and supporters to stop the harsh personal attacks against Hillary –attacks they never should have launched in the first place.

As someone who was on Hillary’s team till the very end of her 2008 run, I’ll never suggest Bernie should leave the race. But I will say this: the toxic culture of his campaign with respect to Hillary has been detrimental to Democrats everywhere. It has got to stop.

And that means Bernie, instead of dodging (as he did on CNN today), should repudiate any reference to Monica Lewinsky by his surrogates, an attack that echoes the worst of Republican anti-Hillary tactics.

In 2015, Bernie believed that Hillary’s speech transcripts should be off limits — she has a right to make money, he felt.

The fact that he defied his own conscience and has attacked her relentlessly is deplorable. It set a profoundly negative tone for the primary and transformed his campaign from being about something to being against someone.

Hillary will work hard to heal any wounds and she will reach out to all voters, but it’s on Bernie to start that process from his side as well.

This isn’t a one way street. You don’t savage the integrity of the Democrat whose job it will be to stop Trump, Cruz and the radical GOP. If Bernie is serious about helping Democrats win, he will start now, in this moment, to dial back the aggressive tone toward Hillary and focus entirely on real issues.

Every single Bernie surrogate and supporter who has participated in gratuitous Hillary-bashing (and that includes top aides like Jeff Weaver and Tad Devine) faces the same challenge: go positive now or help Republicans tear Hillary down.

The choice is crystal clear.