Aren’t you just sick of the endless Hillary hate? Aren’t you tired of people whose hearts are filled with darkness and negativity? Aren’t you soul-weary of those who have no positive vision of the future but only want to bash her and bash her and bash her some more?

Republicans and their media cohorts have been spewing venom at Hillary for decades. They never tire of it. Theirs is an endless well of dark energy, an ocean of acrimony that engulfs the national conversation.

I’m disgusted by it. I’ve been fighting it for more than a decade.

I met Hillary and began working for her in 2006. I know her to be a wonderful, empathetic, funny and brilliant person. A loyal friend. A hero to millions. A champion of women and children. A beautiful soul whose work on child health care alone is enough of an achievement for a thousand lifetimes.

Hillary hate is a sickness. The only cure is love and kindness. Here’s what that looks like:

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(Photos: Hillary for America)