John McCain faces tough re-election odds in Arizona. Polls show his lead has dropped to a statistical tie with Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, his Democratic challenger. To make matters worse, new polling shows he isn’t popular with Arizonians in either party. In this year’s election cycle of Donald Trump and GOP obstructionism, it seems being a “maverick” isn’t quite what it used to be.

The old saying, “All news is good news,” was once commonly used in reference to John McCain. That appears to be changing.

A new poll finds that roughly 30 percent of both Republicans and Democrats rate McCain’s job performance as “poor” or “very poor.” What should be even more concerning for McCain is that his favorable rating is an anemic 32 percent – down from a peak of around 73 percent back in 2005.

Other polling suggests trouble ahead for McCain, too. In March, 63 percent of Arizona voters said they disapproved of his job performance. 55 percent of them said they were less likely to vote for McCain because of his obstructionism, including supporting GOP efforts to block President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

The factors plaguing McCain’s reelection bid are further complicated by increasingly likely odds of Donald Trump becoming the GOP nominee. McCain initially said he would back Trump if that happens. Now, though, it looks like he’s trying to distance himself from the controversial frontrunner, announcing he won’t be attending the convention in Cleveland.

But whether he goes to the convention or not, it looks like McCain’s reelection bid is in trouble.

(Image: AP/Susan Walsh)