It’s no secret that the corporate media are determined to convince us that Hillary is a liar. They’ve been at it for decades and their preferred deception is to omit all positive context when reporting on polls about her perceived honesty. But as we know, context is everything.

If I had a dime for every time big media asked Hillary why “voters don’t trust her” — and another dime for every time they tell us how dishonest people think she is — I’d be a wealthy man.

Since the early nineties, the corporate media have used a seemingly innocuous interrogatory to create a self-fulfilling loop. By repeatedly asking whether Hillary has a trust and honesty problem, they have created the very issue that they pretend to objectively report on.

Put simply: if you ask whether someone is dishonest and untrustworthy a million times, regardless of the underlying facts, you’ll invariably create a false impression about that person.

That is precisely what Hillary has been subjected to for decades and it is a loathsome and duplicitous game on the part of the “journalists” who play it — and who do so with brutal efficiency.

Every time the national media loudly proclaim that polls show Hillary has a trust and honesty problem, here’s what they’re purposely leaving out:

  1. Hillary is seen as honest and trustworthy by a vast majority of Democrats. It is Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents who skew the numbers against her.
  2. The most trusted, accomplished and respected people on the planet vouch for Hillary’s character and integrity, completely undermining the notion that she is dishonest.
  3. These character questions have been asked about her for decades and are part of a deliberate effort by the right to distort and damage her public image for political purposes.
  4. No other candidate, even one as demonstrably dishonest as Donald Trump, is so relentlessly confronted with unfair questions about their character.

Leaving out all this context is intentional and reprehensible. It is how the corporate media deceive their audience about Hillary by omission, harping on one aspect of the trust issue to the exclusion of any exculpatory information.

My sincere hope is that on Election Day, Hillary’s millions of voters will relegate these filthy tricks to the dustbin of history.