Bernie needs better advisers. He has squandered substantial political capital with his post-primary actions — and seems determined to squander more.

Can anyone explain this? Not just the claim that a vote isn’t an endorsement, but the strategy behind parsing the words? Is it simply that he went so negative on Hillary that he can’t take it back?

If so, then he shouldn’t have done it to begin with. He and his advisers bear responsibility for slamming Hillary’s character and impugning her integrity to such an extent that he feels he can’t credibly reverse course.

If that’s not the case and he’s just holding out to maximize his leverage, his political instincts are failing him. His leverage has decreased with each passing day.

Events have moved on, the general election is in full swing, and his supporters are joining Hillary in big numbers.

Bernie really ought to stop these games. They’re only hurting him.

(AP Photo)