Life is complicated. Politics is messy. And claiming ideological purity always comes back to bite you. 

This 2006 AP story contains an interesting little nugget:

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton shared her wealth in March, doling out $190,000 in contributions to Democrats … Clinton’s political action committee, HILLPAC, raised $272,477 and spent $327,484 in March, according to the group’s filing to the Federal Election Commission. Two congressmen trying to make it to the Senate also got boosts from Clinton. Rep. Bernie Sanders, who is running for the seat held by retiring Vermont lawmaker Jim Jeffords, received $10,000, as did Harold Ford Jr., of Tennessee.

It’s worth contemplating the irony of this contribution in light of Bernie’s relentless attacks on Hillary.

It’s also worth reminding Bernie of his own reticence to attack Hillary’s speeches:

According to the New York Times, and quoting top aides, Bernie considers the attack on Hillary’s speech transcripts a character assault: “Mr. Sanders, hunched over a U-shaped conference table, rejected it as a personal attack on Mrs. Clinton’s income — the sort of character assault he has long opposed. She has the right to make money, he offered.

Bernie and his surrogates have based their entire “character assault” against Hillary on the patently false notion that she is corrupt while he is a paragon of purity — a politician who is supposedly above politics. The reality is that they are both public servants who have made good and bad decisions.

Neither is above reproach.

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)