At BNR, we’ve endorsed Hillary Clinton and are inspired by her candidacy. We categorically reject the false frames crafted by conservatives and spread by the national media. And like Hillary, we admire and respect Bernie Sanders and welcome the excitement he’s generated and the issues he’s raised in this campaign.

The New Republic rightfully goes after David Brooks for pushing the absurd notion that there’s anything in common between Donald Trump and Bernie:

David Brooks can’t seriously believe a President Sanders would be as bad as a President Trump. Anyone who watched Sanders at the CNN town hall last night would have to acknowledge that he is not an extremist, that his political beliefs lie squarely in the Western democratic tradition, that his policies come from a sincere and honorable place, which cannot be said of Trump and Ted Cruz, whose campaigns have been marked by cynicism and prejudice and “pagan brutalism,” as Brooks memorably put it himself.

The gulf between Blue and Red candidates in this presidential contest has never been wider. Republicans have fully embraced the worst of their impulses, Democrats the best. Hillary’s and Bernie’s positions are immeasurably better than the bigotry and narrow-mindedness of the GOP frontrunners.

No, pundits, Bernie is not Donald Trump.