Desperation does not look good on Bernie Sanders. First, he misleads his supporters, saying Hillary called him “unqualified” to be president. She did not. She simply suggested he was unprepared because of his disastrous New York Daily News interview. He followed that deception by saying Hillary Clinton, one of the most qualified candidates in history, isn’t qualified to be president.

Bernie should apologize to Hillary and to American voters for his words. They are embarrassing — and a gift to the GOP.

Is this all about winning for him at this point? Seems to be.

And CNN’s Don Lemon and Brianna Keilar should retract their statements that Hillary said Bernie is unqualified. It is irresponsible journalism.

The Hill:

Clinton also repeatedly dodged in her “Morning Joe” interview Wednesday when pressed by host Joe Scarborough to say whether she thought Sanders was qualified to be president.

Watch the CNN segment with Bernie’s reprehensible remarks:

And here’s Rachel Maddow explaining what Hillary said and how Bernie took it to an entirely different place:


UPDATE: Response from Brianna Keilar.

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)