Hillary Clinton is one of the most admired and accomplished women in the world — the first in history with a viable shot at the American presidency. What does it say about the culture of Bernie’s campaign that in the space of a week, his supporters have used the term “Democratic whore,” chanted “Hey hey ho ho, Hillary Clinton has got to go” and thrown dollar bills at her

Bernie and his campaign have done their level best to paint Hillary as a corrupt politician who is “bought and paid for.” The unseemly implications of that attack line are becoming more apparent in recent days.

Taken separately, one might rationalize terms like “corporate Democratic whore,” chants like “Hey hey ho ho, Hillary Clinton has got to go” and actions like throwing dollar bills at her. Taken collectively, it is increasingly difficult to avoid the gendered implications of this coded language.

The responsibility for this toxic culture is Bernie’s. Leaders set the tone for their movements. Bernie’s systematic character assault against Hillary has made his campaign less about something and more against someone.

It is a shameful aspect of the 2016 race and the reason Bernie is losing. For some reason, his campaign and surrogates keep doubling down, failing to understand that many an attacker has crashed and burned while attempting to take down Hillary.

Bernie would do himself a world of good by getting back to the issues and reversing the ugly direction some of his surrogates and supporters are taking. In fact, if you listen carefully, he has already been caught contradicting his own negative message. Perhaps he should heed his own advice.