One of the things pundits and political observers often overlook is how fluid passions can be during contested elections. With Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, I’m confident that many Bernie supporters who have advocated most strongly for their candidate will become leaders in the effort to elect Hillary and defeat Donald.

At BNR, we recently posted a graphic from Occupy Democrats, a site that has typically been favorable to Bernie.

occupy dems

Seeing this image triggered recollections of Hillary’s seminal 2008 glass ceiling speech, which she delivered exactly 8 years ago today. As a senior staffer on her campaign, I have vivid memories of those final days and I recall the leadership Hillary showed to her team and to the world, pivoting so decisively and with such dignity to support Barack Obama.

As I recounted recently, one of my first calls was to Obama’s digital team to offer help with online engagement, which I did (informally) for the remainder of the election.

And when President Obama was elected, I shed tears of joy for the history he made — as I have (and will) for the history Hillary is making.

I see the same thing happening with Bernie’s millions of supporters, who will find that the same visceral disappointment they feel in Bernie’s loss can be transformed into powerful momentum and purpose to defeat Donald and the radical GOP.