On December 1st, 2015, I accepted the role of CEO of True Blue Media, the new owner of Blue Nation Review. In that capacity, I am responsible for BNR’s editorial policy.

As a long-time progressive activist and anti-war protester (who grew up in a war zone), I’m honored to be part of the BNR community, joining hundreds of thousands of dedicated progressives from across America trying to make our country a better, safer, fairer, more just and more tolerant place.

During my early days as an active member at Democratic Underground, a canvasser for environmental causes, a devoted anti-war activist, and regular contributor to human rights causes, I resolved to bring the ethos of the netroots into the Democratic Party. I’ve always been guided by my belief that solving problems requires electing more strong Democrats.

Since then, I’ve worked for candidates and organizations whose missions align with my views, from Planned Parenthood to Amnesty International and Action against Hunger, from John Kerry to Hillary Clinton.

Having worked on two presidential campaigns, I know very well that passions are inflamed during election cycles, especially in primaries where political brothers and sisters are pitted against one another.

The 2016 election is no different.

On the Blue side, supporters of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley are deeply committed to their candidates and personally invested in the process, as they should be. Debates can quickly turn negative and insults start flying.

It is a painful process but this too shall pass and we will come together as a community and defeat the dangerous Republicans in November.

In the meantime, we volunteer our time and energy and advocate for our chosen candidates as forcefully as we can and hope that they prevail.

At BNR, we stand with Planned Parenthood, HRC, NARAL, the Brady Campaign, Emily’s List, League of Conservation Voters, hundreds of labor unions, progressive groups, Democratic officials and public figures and millions of voters who believe that Hillary Clinton is an exceptional – and exceptionally well-prepared – progressive Democrat who will move our agenda forward and get real results for Americans who need it most.

We categorically and adamantly reject the myriad false frames, innuendos, personal smears, and gender-based attacks directed at Hillary and we proudly defend her integrity in the face of dirty conservative tactics aimed at tainting her character.

Hillary has done immeasurable good during her lifetime, most importantly for the cause of women and girls. As the father of a young daughter born when I was working as Hillary’s senior digital strategist, I happily entrust my daughter’s future to a Hillary Clinton presidency.

BNR will strongly defend Hillary against efforts to dehumanize and denigrate her, whether it comes from the left, right or center. At the same time, we will never engage in personal attacks against other Democratic candidates.

To BNR members who support Bernie Sanders, although we may take issue with his position on issues like guns and with his ability to withstand the full fury of the GOP machine, we will never attack his integrity or character. We are guided by facts and facts alone.

Hillary Clinton’s voting record is 93% in sync with Bernie’s and almost completely aligned with Elizabeth Warren and other progressive Democrats. For the most part, Democrats are unified on vision and philosophy.

The difference is that Hillary is better prepared, better tested, more pragmatic, more experienced than perhaps any candidate who has sought the office of the presidency. She is the Democrat who can defeat the GOP and govern effectively based on our shared Blue values.

She has also become a central and singular figure in the struggle for women’s equality, which accounts for much of the vitriol directed at her. We know very well that the ultimate glass ceiling will not be shattered without incredible resistance and without an epic effort on all our parts.

There is no purity in politics, just as there is no purity in life. Every political leader does things we disagree with. That includes Bernie, Hillary and others we respect and admire. In the end, informed political judgments factor in a range of issues and concerns.

Having weighed all the factors in the Democratic Primary, we unabashedly support Hillary Clinton for President.