On June 17th, 2015, I wrote the following:

It is not an accident or coincidence that the woman with the best chance to cross the White House finish line faces a constant stream of invective, a near-manic desire to take her down. That is the gender barrier in action. It is the use of words as weapons, with the objective of preventing a woman from attaining the top rung of the political power ladder.

227 years. That’s how long the shutout of women has lasted at the pinnacle of American politics. Along comes Hillary Clinton, one of the most admired and accomplished women in the world, to run for president, and what happens? She is smeared, lied about, assailed, impugned, her character is savaged, her honesty maligned, her very humanity questioned.

She is vilified as a witch, a bitch, shrill, loud, robotic, cold, monstrous, evil, a murderer.

Hordes of online trolls swarm her supporters and surrogates, spewing filthy, misogynistic insults.

She is attacked by Republicans, by the media, by the commentariat, and by her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, who does this (according to Mother Jones):

“Hey, I’m not saying she’s a crook. I’m just saying she drives a pretty nice car, amirite?” I’d say that Sanders is very much questioning the integrity of Clinton herself, and doing it in a pretty familiar way.

And all these attacks have one thing in common: ZERO EVIDENCE.

It’s ALL innuendo and insinuation. Guilt by association. She’s guilty until proven innocent.

There are few things worse you can do to another human than to take their life’s work, their achievements, their goals and dreams, their mistakes and judgments, their failures and successes and TRASH all of it with unsubstantiated, unfounded insinuations.

To disagree vehemently on issues is one thing, but to accuse someone of lacking dignity, honesty and integrity, and to do so without any proof, is to stoop very low.

I’m not arguing that everyone who disagrees with Hillary is sexist. Far from it. People are free to disagree with her or dislike her. But the relentless fury, the manic, single-minded mission to destroy Hillary, would never happen to a male candidate.

If others are afraid to call out gender bias in 2016, I’m not.

I’ve got a daughter to raise and I couldn’t live with myself if I stood by in silence as Hillary Clinton faced a vicious and vitriolic onslaught without an iota of hard evidence to support the attacks against her.

It is unjust and unfair. But it is par for the course in a world where women are still oppressed.