Women comprise half the world. Anyone who doesn’t regard women as complete, rights-bearing, equal human beings doesn’t belong at the top of this nation’s government. 

Newt Gingrich, auditioning for Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense, gave an address at the Republican National Convention in which he actually said these words while talking about radical jihadists:

“If our enemies had their way, not a single woman in this room could define her future.”

Without a trace of irony.

Perhaps he needs to review a copy of the Republican platform.

Also at the convention, during an interview with CNN, Gingrich defended Melania Trump against charges of plagiarism by saying: “Who cares? Who cares? The fact is Melania gave a good speech, she is stunningly attractive, she’s stunningly articulate, most of the people criticizing her can’t speak five languages. She’s a bright person, she introduced herself in a way that’s attractive, she’s obviously very passionate about America, and she introduced her husband.”

Echoes of Sen. Mark Kirk, who said: “[Melania] is a very pretty woman with that foreign accent of hers. Very endearing and very genuine. It was a good performance that was ruined by the speechwriter.”

Absolving a woman of accountability because she’s “stunningly attractive” is not a compliment. It’s demeaning.

That Gingrich doesn’t appear to know that is just another reason he has no business getting a leadership position where his decisions affect women. No less where he might not hold women accountable for their decisions if they’re attractive enough.

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