You don’t change the system from within the Democratic Party. My own feeling is that the Democratic Party is ideologically bankrupt.” – Bernie Sanders 

Is Bernie Sanders a big hypocrite for running as a Democrat?


He’s just admitting to the value of Hillary Clinton’s pragmatism.

Bernie is running as a Democrat not out of hypocrisy but out of practicality. He knows that only hard-earned incremental change will yield the results we all seek as progressives.

At Daily Kos, kindler elaborates:

As David Roberts discussed in Vox recently, even if elected, Bernie would almost surely face all the same constraints that Obama has had to deal with during his presidency. Anyone who thinks that all the barriers to single payer health insurance or breaking up the banks are suddenly, magically going to melt away is smoking something that won’t be legalized under Republican rule either.

I love to dream big progressive dreams, and I give kudos to Bernie for sketching out many of those dreams so beautifully. Some will come true, too, but only through the same grinding processes of organizing, legislating, deal-making and day-to-day governing that constitute the American system of governance. This will not change no matter who is elected.

We need to win and we need to govern, and Hillary Clinton is the best equipped to do both. And I’m not going to be quiet about my opinion on that matter any more.

That is precisely right.

In an interview with Politico, President Obama set the table for the final week of campaigning before Iowa.

Obama’s experiences in office have brought him around to Clinton’s hardheaded view of the presidency, first forged during her eight years as first lady. “I think that what Hillary presents is a recognition that translating values into governance and delivering the goods is ultimately the job of politics, making a real-life difference to people in their day-to-day lives,” he said, echoing the very critique Clinton makes of Sanders.

By running as a Democrat, as part of an establishment party, Bernie is telegraphing that he understands the revolution will only occur in slow motion. And who better, in that case, than someone with Hillary’s patience, tenacity and experience to lead the way?