What is even happening at this Republican convention?

CNN’s Dana Bash was interviewing Chris Christie, who was desperately trying to appear full of mirth after being unceremoniously dumped from veep contention, when he careened into creepsville.

Noting Christie is slated to give a speech at the convention Tuesday night, Bash prompts him: “Tell us a little bit about what you hope to put across in that speech.”

Christie, who has been married since 1986, replies in what I can only assume is his best attempt at being flirtatious: “I hope to be charming tomorrow night, Dana. Charming and absolutely disarming. Intelligent and witty.” He tells her she can let him know afterwards if he achieved all of those things.

Blazing past that garbage, Bash asks him about the content of his speech. “Oh heck, I want you to show up, Dana,” he tells her. “I don’t want you to go out to dinner during my speech. So if you show up, that’ll make it even more exciting. Bring Kelly, too–it’s gonna be a party. It’ll be great.”