After shedding any iota of dignity by gleefully becoming Donald’s official lackey, Chris Christie delivered one of the most despicable speeches of the Republican National Convention. Bursting with self-satisfaction at his (fleeting) moment in the spotlight, he staged a “mock trial” of Hillary, declaring her guilty, and oversaw the convention audience erupting into an angry chant of “Lock her up!” Now, like a child trying to avoid consequences, he says he “didn’t start” it.

That’s the best Christie’s got after that loathsome display? Don’t look at me! Not my fault! I didn’t start it!

As though his “mock trial” which looked every bit like a modern-day witch hunt had nothing to do with it. As if the audience started chanting “lock her up” in a vacuum.

He may want to distance himself now, but he sure looked like he was enjoying it at the time:

I will continue to not mince words: This is utterly contemptible. And it should be intolerable to every decent person, in any circumstances, no less in a political environment in which violent threats against Hillary are escalating.

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