After months of media attacks on Hillary Clinton regarding her use of personal email accounts, NBC now reports that classified information was sent to the personal email accounts of two additional former secretaries of state: Colin Powell and the senior staff of Condoleezza Rice.

According to NBC News
, State Department Inspector General Steve Linick said in a letter that the State Department has determined that 12 emails examined from State’s archives contained national security information now classified “Secret” or “Confidential.”

According to the letter, two messages were sent to Powell’s personal account, and 10 were sent to personal accounts of Rice’s senior aides.

None of the messages were marked classified when originally sent, and none were determined to include information from the intelligence community, Linick said in the letter.

Powell disputed that the information in the messages sent to him was classified.

“I wish they would release them so that a normal, air-breathing mammal would look at them and say, ‘What’s the issue?'” he told NBC.

Hillary’s campaign chairman released this statement:

“This announcement about Secretary Powell’s emails shows just how routine it is for government bureaucrats to go overboard when it comes to judging whether information is too sensitive for the public to see. Hillary Clinton agrees with her predecessor that his emails, like hers, are being inappropriately subjected to over-classification. She joins his call for these emails to be released so that the public can view the contents for itself.”

Steve Benen at MSNBC’s MaddowBlog noted:

The political salience of news like this, however, is that Clinton’s critics would like voters to believe she’s at the center of some damaging “scandal” because of her approach to email management. These new details suggest Clinton’s practices were fairly common, and unless Republicans and the media are prepared to start condemning Powell and Rice with equal vigor – an unlikely scenario – it’s starting to look like this entire line of attack lacks merit.