Hillary called in to CNN for an interview with Anderson Cooper, during which he peppered her with all the typically¬†tiresome questions. She did not yield, and signed off with a cheerful goodbye — at which point CNN’s panel melted down.

Anderson Cooper opened the interview by asking Hillary to respond to Trump calling her a bigot, which Hillary addressed handily by pointing out that Trump is mainstreaming white nationalism and has a long history of bigotry.

Cooper followed that up by bringing up the Clinton Foundation under the guise, again, of invoking Trump’s conspiracy theorizing, to which Hillary responded by straightforwardly laying out the facts and, quite rightly, calling the AP report “absurd.”

Naturally, the interview then turned to Hillary’s emails, because we haven’t quite exhausted that non-controversy yet. Then, following a shockingly reasonable question about Trump’s shockingly unreasonable immigration policy, Cooper asked Hillary why she isn’t doing press conferences, to which she replied, “Well, Anderson, I’m talking to you right now!”

Following her failure — yet again! — to concede that she is indeed history’s greatest monster and immediately drop out of contention for the presidency, and instead stubbornly insisting on being prepared, composed, competent, forthright, and accountable, CNN’s panel had no option but to go into complete apoplexy.

Brian Stelter immediately accused Hillary of “avoiding television interviewers like you,” despite the fact that he was sitting on a panel convened to discuss her engaging with a television interviewer, then accused her of not answering Cooper’s question about press conferences, despite the fact that she did answer it by saying she was talking to him and had done 300 other interviews this year.

Kayleigh McEnany said, regarding the Clinton Foundation, that Hillary “acts like it’s a ‘nothing to see here’ approach,” which is, perhaps, because there is nothing to see.

And on and on it went.

Yes, it’s a real mystery why Hillary isn’t inclined to do press conferences. Whyever could that be.

As ever: Hillary coverage is crap.