Have you ever seen someone fight dirty? Really dirty? That’s Donald, as he’s increasingly outmatched and outclassed by Hillary.

Just a couple of weeks into the general election, Donald Trump has called Hillary the devil, a monster, a criminal, a cheater, an election thief, and is now questioning her mental health. He encourages supporters who call for her imprisonment and even her murder.

This is your general election, America: A big-talking misogynist cornered by a strong woman, who is reduced to metaphorically biting her, poking her eyes, pulling her hair, kicking sand in her face, and kneeing her in the groin. A dirty fighter, a schoolyard coward with no integrity, no scruples, no nobility, no character.

By contrast, Hillary is the picture of dignity and grace, fighting the conservative attack machine, fighting Trump sycophants in the national media, fighting against institutional gender bias, fighting and winning.

I’m proud to be on her side.

Adam Schultz for Hillary for America
Adam Schultz for Hillary for America

(Trump cover photo: AP)