In 2004, I directed online outreach for John Kerry’s presidential campaign. One of the people I reached out to regularly was Daily Kos creator Markos Moulitsas. ‘Kos’ was always independent, always loyal to the cause, always focused on his path and his principles.

As the founder of one of the pillars of progressive media and activism, Markos has been at the center of many heated internecine battles. He has never hesitated to take a strong stand. So it comes as no surprise to read this:

If Sanders eats into Clinton’s big delegate lead by March 15, then we carry on. But if he doesn’t, then on March 15 this site officially transitions to General Election footing. That means, we will focus our attention not just on Donald Trump or his rivals, but also on the Senate, the House, and state-level races.

Markos goes on:

So here’s what happens on March 15 …  No attacks on Hillary Clinton using right-wing tropes or sources. She’s had 30 years of bullshit flung at her from the Right, there’s no need to have Daily Kos give them an assist.