Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party is united behind our historic candidate. And the Republican Party is an embarrassing, chaotic mess.

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have worked through their policy differences and come together onstage as a unified team, determined to defeat Donald Trump and lead the nation into a new era of progress.

Bernie has given Hillary his unqualified endorsement. Hillary will soon officially accept the Democratic Party’s nomination. After a long and often contentious primary, we can breathe a sigh of relief. We are coming together. We are united.

I hope Republicans are watching—because this is the closest they’re going to get to unity in this election.

After a dumpster fire of a primary in which 17 bozos crawled into a clown car and one nightmare clown emerged with a flower pinned to his lapel squirting liquefied bigotry, the Grand Old Party is truly a nine-ring circus.

Donald’s campaign is a disaster; Republican donors would rather shred their money for the cat box; elected Republicans are fixing to avoid the convention like it’s a feminist retreat; what endorsements Donald does have are begrudging at best; and a “Never Trump” campaign is still trying to figure out how to 86 the nominee and install some other joker without alienating Donald’s base.

Of course there’s no unity behind Donald. He’s a nasty bully who trades in prejudice and sleaze and doesn’t even have the wherewithal to be competent about it. The Republican candidate is a wholesale trainwreck who won’t even promise to not quit if he wins.

Republicans’ best hope for winning was to derail Hillary with another fishing expedition dressed up as a serious investigation—a hand they’ve so overplayed by this point that even 24/7 news coverage of the latest “Hillary scandal” can’t convince Democrats to care.

The poor, disarrayed Republicans must wonder where they’ve gone so wrong, when they look at the Democrats unifying behind Hillary. After all, they’ve invested three decades in trying to discredit her with personal attacks, insinuation, gender bias, and outright lies.

But this proves the speciousness of the “two polarizing candidates” narrative: Hillary is “polarizing” primarily because she is a pragmatic progressive who represents the interests and needs of marginalized people.

Donald, on the other hand, is polarizing because he is a divisive bigot who thrives on fear-mongering and incitement. He doesn’t invite people to support him; he tells people we’re stupid if we don’t, while giving us no reason to support him aside from unjustifiable braggadocio about his dubious success and vainglorious self-flattery about his observably false asserted proficiencies.

Hillary’s case, all along, has been: “Vote for me because I care about you.” Donald’s has been: “Vote for me because I care about me.”

That’s not a call for unity. It’s a call for sycophancy, made by an insecure lout who isn’t running for president for what he can do for the people, but for what they can do for his ego.

And frankly—in case it isn’t abundantly evident—I am delighted by the catastrophic failure of united alignment behind Donald. Because he is a dangerous demagogue who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office. Not even on a White House tour, just to be safe.

Almost nothing could make me happier than the colossal mayhem gripping the Republican Party, as a consequence of their having nominated a wannabe tyrant in a deceptively goofy hat.


What makes me happier is the coalescing of progressives around Hillary. What makes me incandescently, reverberatingly happy is Democrats unifying behind this candidate at the very moment in which Republicans might hope that their decades-long campaign of relentlessly attacking her would pay off. Whoooooops.

Instead, the target of their worst instincts is heading into her Party’s convention with a strong coalition of enthusiastic supporters.

And the unfiltered id of their worst instincts is heading into their convention with a weak, cobbled-together band of reluctant supporters, who are wondering how it all ran so far off the rails.

A lack of love and kindness, friends. This is where it gets ya.

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