My young daughter inadvertently caught a snippet of a Donald Trump speech, and for days now, keeps asking: “Daddy, do they really chop people’s heads off on Christmas and do they drown them in cages? What will happen if there’s a President Trump?” She can’t unthink the images Donald put in her mind, which is why Hillary’s new ad hits home for me.

The conventions are approaching, polls are tightening, and Donald Trump is less than 4 months away from an opportunity to bring bullying, bigotry, ignorance and division to the White House. Meanwhile, our national media get giddy at any hint of trouble for Hillary, programmed as they are to undermine her candidacy.

Kevin Drum sets the scene:

Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, foreigners of all stripes: they’re all grist for Trump’s crusade to convince white voters that they’re surrounded by rapists, murderers, terrorists, and assorted other predators who want to take their jobs away and impoverish them. It’s his whole campaign. This is loathsome.

President Obama was right: America is not nearly as divided as the media makes it seem. But the only way for Donald Trump to win is to make it seem otherwise. That’s what he’s been doing for the past year, and the media has been playing along the whole time, exaggerating existing grievances where they can and inventing them where they can’t.

In this charged and dangerous atmosphere, Hillary’s campaign releases an ad that defines the 2016 election in starker terms than anything we’ve seen to date.