Donald Trump routinely claims to be a champion of the little guy. But, the truth is, Donald has spent a lifetime crushing any “little guy” who got in his way. The latest example: Callously driving people from their homes.

Twitter is one of Donald’s favorite media for telling self-aggrandizing fairy tales about what a great president he’ll be because he’s a reliable ally to people in need. He gets to spin yarns directly to his supporters about how he’s on their side—but it’s simply not true. It never has been.

Donald’s own much-touted history as a businessman shows precisely otherwise. He did not deliver jobs, nor safety, nor protection to “those in need.”

To the complete contrary, he spent decades refusing to pay people for their work; violating the Fair Housing Act by having employees mark “the applications of prospective minority tenants with racial codes–such as ‘No. 9’ or ‘C’ for ‘colored’ applicants; and orchestrating a campaign of harassment against tenants of a rent-stabilized building he’d purchased for the purpose of tearing it down and erecting luxury condos in its place.

This last incident is shocking in its details: For five years, Donald mercilessly harassed the residents of the 14-story building near New York City’s Central Park, whose only “fault” was calling home a place that Donald wanted to demolish for his own profit.

Lawsuits brought by the tenants report that Donald engaged in the typical scurrilous behavior of profiteering landlords trying to oust tenants—instituting absurd and onerous rules, attempting to find reasons to break leases, refusing to do necessary repairs—but Donald went above and beyond even the usual contemptible tactics.

Just a few months later, on New Year’s Eve, several tenants received identical “lease violation” warning letters. The previous building owner had given renters permission to knock down walls and renovate their apartment units. But Trump was reversing that exception, and renters had only 12 days to rebuild the walls — or face eviction.

Tenants, many of whom were elderly, also alleged that Donald cut off both their hot water and heat during the winter. He took out a newspaper ad inviting homeless people to take up residence in the building. Work crews kicked up dust into the apartment of a tenant with emphysema.

One of the tenants, Dr. Michael Richman, said bluntly that Donald was “willing to resort to any device or tactic to drive out the tenants from the building.”

From their homes.

Investigative journalist Wayne Barrett, quoted by CNN Money, characterized the campaign against the residents at 100 Central Park South as “a concrete choice he made, knowing he would disrupt the lives of many middle income, elderly people.”

Donald doesn’t help people in need; he creates people in need. In need of help from his brazen, pitiless maneuvering with zero compunction for the people who get in his way of making money.

This is not a man of the people. Never was. Never will be.

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