UPDATE (7/21/16): Now that Donald is officially the GOP nominee, let’s recall how he botched the VP selection process and humiliated Mike Pence.

Picking a vice-presidential candidate is one of the most solemn and important decisions a presidential candidate makes. She or he is entrusted to select a potential president, wholly outside the democratic process.

It is a massive responsibility, and thus an important measure of a candidate’s judgment.

And Donald bungled it spectacularly.

Following a week of news that there was still major discord in his campaign about whom to choose only days before the convention was to begin, Mike Pence’s name was leaked–possibly from someone within Donald’s own campaign, trying to pressure him into choosing Pence.

As word spread that Pence was the pick, Donald left him twisting in the wind all day, neither confirming nor denying, but creating confusion by cancelling his scheduled joint presser, ostensibly in solidarity with the victims of the Nice attack.

But that excuse was empty. Donald had no problem doing another touchdown dance while bodies were still in the street.

When the confirmation finally came a day later, it was via Twitter, and a disastrously embarrassing campaign logo was hastily released.

Sources in the campaign later told CNN that Donald was second-guessing his choice and tried to weasel out of choosing Pence around midnight:


Pence’s face was broadcast alongside the news that Donald didn’t want him. It was an unfathomable humiliation.

And it was entirely Donald’s responsibility for so colossally mismanaging this critical decision.

There were already countless reasons not to entrust Donald with making decisions for the nation. Here was one more. And it was a big one.