Donald’s obsession with Russia and its leader continues to baffle foreign policy experts. It has given rise to legitimate concerns about his loyalties. His conflicting stories of interactions with Putin, and effusive praise for Russia, are doing nothing to ameliorate those worries.

We have been documenting Donald’s alarming ties to and comments about Russia, and have noted the contradictions in his assertions about whether or not he knows Vladimir Putin.

BNR contributor Sarah Kendzior brought it to our attention that Russian media has long had an interest in Donald’s campaign:

As well as Donald’s effusive praise of Russia and his accessibility to Russian politicians:

And then there is this February 2014 interview that Donald did with Fox News, during which the subject turned to the Winter Olympics, then being hosted in Sochi‎, Russia. The relevant segment begins at 4:05, in which Donald is asked his opinion about security issues at the Games:

DONALD: …I think we should give the Russians a little bit of leeway here. They spent billions and billions, a number that was beyond any number I’ve ever heard.

HOST: Most spent ever.

DONALD: Oh, it’s frankly ridiculous. But they spent all of this money, and I think we should not be knocking them at this point. You know, then we wonder why they don’t like us – and why they’re eating our lunch, and every country that we’re dealing with against them.

HOST: Does it concern you –

DONALD: I really think we should say, hey look, they’re really out there doing a job. Every time I turn on the television, we’re showing about a guy knocking down a door because his door lock didn’t work. We’re showing all of these things. And I will tell you something: If I’m Putin, I’m not happy about it. And I know for a fact he’s not happy about it. When I went to Russia for the Miss Universe Pageant, he contacted me. And was so nice. And the Russian people were so fantastic to us.

I just say this: They are doing…they’re outsmarting us at many turns, as we all understand. I mean, their leaders are — whether you call them smarter, or more cunning, or whatever. But they’re outsmarting us, if you look at Syria or other places. They’re outsmarting us. I really think we should not be knocking that country with all of the money and all of the guts they put into it. And, hey, I’m a fan of our country, but we have to get along with people a little bit.

In Donald’s endless game of “I know Putin; I don’t know Putin,” here is another example of Donald saying he has spoken to Putin and had a friendly conversation with him – which he then immediately follows by the outrageous contention that Russia is “outsmarting” the United States militarily, diplomatically, and strategically.

Only to concede he is “a fan” of the United States. Wow. How magnanimous.

Generally speaking, we expect more allegiance to the United States from a potential president than merely being “a fan.”