At BNR, we refrained from publishing political content in the hours following the horrific massacre at Pulse, a gay club in Orlando. We expressed our condolences and watched in shock and sadness as the details of the heinous killing unfolded. 

Decency requires that we speak out about the reprehensible actions of the Republican nominee for president, whose initial reaction to the slaughter mentioned “terrorism” but not a word of sympathy for the victims. This is precisely what he did after the crash of EgyptAir 804.

Three hours later, he seemed to realize that he had to acknowledge the actual human beings who suffered unimaginable violence.

But that was his only moment of humanity. Here’s what followed:

We are not the first (nor will we be the last) to comment on the staggering insensitivity of self-congratulatory tweets on a day of such unthinkable carnage. Here’s how I phrased it:

Hillary’s campaign was blunt:

Dignity, compassion, self-restraint, thoughtfulness, professionalism, seriousness, discipline, foresight… these are all the things Donald Trump showed he lacks in his reaction to America’s worst ever mass shooting.

I’ll end with the words of my colleague Melissa McEwan:

The reverberating harm of this violence extends beyond the walls of Pulse Nightclub and its patrons, so viciously targeted during Pride Month. Members of the queer and Latinx communities across the nation, across the globe, feel the chill of this violent hatred. We center in our thoughts and hearts the people who were killed and wounded, many of whom are still struggling to survive. We recognize all the other people who are hurting now and in coming days. And we take up space in solidarity with you all.

(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)